Bluetooth Super Nintendo Controller

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An ode to the golden age, our Super Nintendo replica controllers are guaranteed to be the best in the market. Not only are they hand crafted to be as close to the original configuration (giving you the same nostalgic device), they are Bluetooth and wireless, bringing in new age technology while still maintaining its authenticity.

Our controllers are compatible with:

  • Windows devices
  • macOS (Macintosh) devices
  • Android devices
  • Nintendo Switch
  • Steam 

With built in Bluetooth, and built in triaxial accelerometers and gyroscopes as well rumble vibration, these controllers come with it all. It's 500mAh Li-on battery will have you playing all night long, with a total of 16 hours of continuous game play, and only a maximum 2 hour charge time from empty (comes with a USB charger cable).

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